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TennantTrue Filters Improve Your Cleaning Operations
TennantTrue Panel Filters are designed to raise indoor air quality, optimize machine performance and increase machine productivity

Improve indoor air quality by capturing all particles greater than 3.5 microns with 99.99% effectiveness using Tennant’s Quad Filtering system

Optimize your machine’s performance with timed ten-second shakedown. The patented automated VCS® (Vibrating Comb System) shaking system separates most of the debris from the filter, increasing the life of filter and reducing your maintenance replacement costs.

Increase your machine’s productivity with Instant Access® no-tool removable panel filter, giving you quick and easy replacement, inspection and maintenance for increased uptime

Choosing TennantTrue brushes ensures superior cleaning results for the life of your sweeper or scrubber

Only TennantTrue brushes are designed to precisely fit your Tennant machine, reducing your maintenance, downtime and total cost of ownership. Precisely balanced to minimize vibration and ensure an even wear, TennantTrue brushes dramatically reduce the stress to your machine.

TennantTrue Brushes are manufactured with the highest quality materials, resulting in long-life dependability

Using premium raw materials to guarantee superior tuft retention, the brush-fill on your Tennant brushes remains constant. Bristles do not fall out prematurely and last longer than lower quality brushes.

TennantTrue Sweeping Brushes

TennantTrue sweeping brushes are built to last. Manufactured with premium, heavy-duty raw materials and-unique spline drive system, these brushes last longer and ensure superior performance by efficiently transferring power from hub to brush.

TennantTrue Scrubbing Brushes

TennantTrue long-life disc and cylindrical brushes feature plastic backings to protect against warping and splitting. Drain holes help flush water and grit from high-wear spots to protect the machine’s drive plug and ensure optimum spin rates.

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